Vostok Titanium Front Fork


Vostok Front Fork replaces the original Brompton bicycle front fork. It allows standard front hubs to be fitted with or without the disk brake. The Fork is designed to work with the Vostok Triangle: titanium axle washers and a titanium fork hook are included.

Vostok Fork left
Vostok Fork right


Titanium alloy PT-7M*
0.36 kg
OLD Spacing
100 mm
Brake mounts
IS Disk and standard caliper
Vertical, with titanium washers
*GOST 19807-91
Superior to Grade-9 alloy
Vostok Fork Back

Stem compatibility

The fork is compatible with all current Brompton stems.


The Vostok Fork has IS disk mounts and a Brompton caliper brake mount. The disk brake rotor's recommended diameter is 160 mm, but larger rotors will fit. Install either a mechanical or a hydraulic brake. Use an appropriate Post Mount adaptor if needed.


Standard fork catcher, reflector etc will fit the fork, as well as the mudguard. The mudguard stay has to be modified, please see an appropriate article in the Documentation section.

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